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It lives....

I know I havent been updating in.... years.. but I thought I'd let those who know me know that I'm still alive and well.. doing very well actualy. Keeping busy these days in my new job and spending allot of my time there these days unfortunately.

Where do I work? .. at the moment I'm vice manager of the service department at a major electronics store here in norway run by the dixons group in england. the pay is decent I guess, and it's quite interesting and varied work.. everything from dealing with store/customer relations to service of broken products and contacting suppliers for credit issues and ordering spare parts.. and that's only a few of the things we do. we also prettymuch got a routine for every single thing there.. I think the count last time was at over 8000 individual routines just for our department. You need that shit when you'r dealing with so many things at once :)

I'll post another update a bit later when I've got more time on my hands.. but here's a lil taste of what's going on in my band at the minute.. Its just a demo song, but it'll give you a rough idea of what we'r up to anyhow :)

Agrestis - Confidence in Afterlife

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