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Been a while since I've been updating now :P

Mental note to self: Writing a complex song with odd time signatures and changes, and quite spiffy sounding solos is allot easier than actualy playing them on beat... gawds.. practicepracticepractice >.<

Been spending most of the week with the band and/or band-related stuff, and most likely will end up using most of the weekend with our new material and just get everything into sync and whatnot.. It's been a long while since I played steady in a band and my timing has deteriorated quite a bit in that time it would seem.. hopefully it'll all get back to me in time. I'm prolly just being overly critical about my own skill(or lack thereof), but I just want everything to be "spot on" when we start getting whole songs recorded. Mostly just got bits and pieces floating all around at this stage labeled as "work in progress" more or less, but we'r slowly starting to piece things together. I dunno how much material we've ended up dumping completely so far, but it's quite a substantial amount XD

Anyho, back to me' guitar.. may inspiration find me :)

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