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Well, cabincon is over.. and the post-con depression is starting to seep in under my skin. Eventho I do have allot of fond memories of the con. I shall cherish the moments given to me by those who attended and most of all to those making it possible to have this con arranged once again. I've lost count of how many times I've attended since my first time back in '99.. And I think it has helped me to develope as a person over the course of years, and finaly accept that there are loving people out there who really care about you like noone else can in our mortal world.

I'd write about my impressions on the con as a whole, but I'll atleast wait for the melancholy to creep outof my mind as to not taint the tale too much.

The con is over, and I'm left with the memories of the wonderfull times that came to pass.

It always ends too soon tho...

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